Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Does anyone actually look at this anymore?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ella's Preschool program and Santa!

Ella had her first preschool program this last weekend. She did a wonderful job. She was definetly hamming it up before hand. Then she was moving too much afterwords to get a good picture so you will have to put up with the blurry picture.

Here is a link to You-Tube so you can see the program in its entirety. She did a wonderful job and we had some good seats so we could see Ella. good thing I run sound at church so we could get the seats because people were showing up right after church to get the seats.

Ella and her good friend Shae.

This is Ella with her preschool teacher. Mrs. O.

Santa came to daycare and brought gifts for all the kids to open for their classroom. Ella got to open a Barbie car. Which is what she asked Santa to get her. A Barbie.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"M" My nose daddy!

Cutest little I think.

Ella and I were driving across town after daycare to go home and here is our conversation:

Ella: Daddy McDonald's has a big W on there.
Daddy: No that is a big M for the golden arches.
Ella: Hmmmm
Ella: Daddy, my nose has an M as well
Daddy: It does?
Ella: Yep.

I turn around to see and she is tracing the top of her nostrils if you notice they are in the shape of an M. Some are larger some are smaller, some are rounder some are pointier, but just the same Ella made the association.


Well, I have been slow on posting things here because I have just had too much fun spending time with the family and watching my daughter grow and learn things. something she has started doing (since it has started getting colder outside) is zipping up her coat all by herself. She wants to be very independent and not have mommy or daddy help her with this. Ella has also started 3 year old pre-school as well and she loves it. She goes to daycare at our church and they have a preschool attatched so we do not have to leave work to take her to school. She takes her backpack, that Rosemary gave her for Christmas and is off on Tuesday and Thursdays. I hope to get some pictures posted, but like I said before, we are terrible at taking photos of everything because all events are special to us but maybe not to the world. So we have memories locked up as a family that if you want to see some come visit us. We have room available, just maybe a couch. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Well I know it has been a long time since I put anything on here but I have been putting more things on FaceBook so if you want to see more become my friend there. Otherwise you will just have to take what you get here. :) Anyway, Ella found her name today and has learned to write it, so here are some pictures and video of her new found talent. It makes me so proud. It is just awesome to watch her discover.